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2X ThinClientServer
Centrally manage user connections, thin client devices & convert PCs to thin clients

2X ThinClientServer makes the move to thin client computing easy by delivering a solution to convert existing PC’s to thin clients and centrally manage thin client devices from any vendor (HP, Neoware, Wyse, Maxspeed and more).

Users connection & device hardware settings (RDP / ICA / NX, screen size, Applications that users have access to, Terminal Servers and VMware virtual desktops) can be controlled centrally by device, user, group or department (Active Directory / Local Accounts) via the web-based interface.

2X ThinClientServer Enterprise edition includes 2X technical support as opposed to the free 2X ThinClientServer Free edition whereas support is available via the 2X Forums.

2X ThinClientServer key features:

  • Converting existing PCs to thin clients
  • Manage users connection settings centrally by user, group or department
  • Limit users to Citrix or 2X published applications rather than giving access to a whole desktop
  • Thin client vendor independent: Manage any thin client / PC centrally
  • Supports virtually all thin clients and computer hardware
  • Run Citrix & 2X published applications on the same desktop
  • Multiple full desktops per ThinClient
  • Support for 2X published desktops
  • Support for printer and sound redirection in 2X published applications
  • More hardware support with Linux kernel
  • Hotplugging engine support
  • Improved 2X managed desktop look and feel
  • ThinClient autologin support
  • ThinClient shadowing support
  • User Usage reporting tool
  • Client Usage reporting tool
  • ThinClientOS diagnostic tools
  • Automatic update notification
  • Boot clients via PXE, Harddisk, CDROM or USB
  • Automatic Redundancy
  • Windows 2008 ready
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