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SecurEnvoy SecurAccess

Turn any phone that can receive SMS texts into an authentication token

SecurAccess from SecurEnvoy allows organisations to provide remote staff with industry standard two factor authentication without the pain and cost of deploying legacy hardware tokens.

SecurAccess fully integrates into Microsoft Active Directory, Novell E-Directory, Sun Directory Server and OpenLDAP. Integration is simple and requires no schema changes. No additional database’s are required which reduces costs and simplifies on-going support

Software is not required on the users phone which eliminates complex testing, support and training issues. This is particularly relevant as phone interfaces are constantly changing with each new model.

The key strategy for successful use of SMS for delivering passcodes is resolving intermittent network coverage and SMS delivery delays. SecurAccess is fundamentally designed to resolve these issues by utilising:
• Pre-loaded one time passcodes (each authentication attempt sends the next required passcode)
• Three pre-loaded one time passcodes with each message (3 authentications before requiring the next message)
• Reusable session passcodes that change each day or multiple days
• Optional self help web interface to allow users to request temporary passcodes
• Passcodes can be sent via email

End user experience, good security shouldn’t add complexity, SecurAccess is designed to keep authentication as easy as possible by:
• Reusing the existing Microsoft (or other directory) password as the PIN (one less secret to remember)
• Dynamically updating the previous SMS message (no need to delete old text messages)

SecurAccess seamlessly integrates with all leading remote access servers and web services including Microsoft OWA, Citrix, Juniper, Cisco and many others.

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